Greek inflation slows to 3.7% in April, Eurostat

Greek annual inflation slowed to 3.7 pct in April from 4.3 pct in March, Eurostat said on Monday.
The EU executive’s statistics agency, in a report, said the inflation rate rose to 2.8 pct in April from 2.7 pct in March in the Eurozone, up from 1.6 pct a year earlier, while in the EU-27, the inflation rate rose to 3.2 pct from 3.1 pct and 2.1 pct, over the same periods, respectively.

Ireland (1.5 pct), Czech Republic (1.6 pct) and Sweden (1.8 pct) recorded the lowest inflation rates, while Romania (8.4 pct), Estonia (5.4 pct) and Lithuania (4.4 pct) recorded the lowest rates. The inflation rate rose in 16 member-states, it remained in two and fell in eight member-states.

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