Opposition Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) parliamentary group leader Alexis Tsipras underlined that “the crisis is not the same for the people and the large capital” speaking in a press conference on Tuesday.
Presenting the so-called “black book” of the government policy a year after the signing of the memorandum, Tsipras stressed that “the crisis and the debt were created by the domestic and foreign economic oligarchy and therefore, they should be the ones to pay the bill and not the workers.” 
He underlined that the assertion that the enormous public deficit was created by the large salaries paid to public employees is nothing but a “big myth” and presented comparative charts proving that public spending in Greece was much lower than the EU or Eurozone average in the period 1995-2008.

Tsipras stressed that the memorandum leads to a violent redistribution of wealth in favour of the financially strong and against the low and medium incomes, characterizing it as “ineffective and socially unfair”.

He underlined that the goal set by Greece’s creditors is to sell off public property and the country’s resources.