Economy Commisioner Olli Rehn once again called on Tuesday from the Ecofin council in Brussels on all the political forces in Greece to consent "to the targets and the policies" of the economic adjustment programme, stressing that it is a precondition for the Greek programme's next steps.
As regards the form that the political commitment of the opposition parties for the implementation of the Mermorandum should take, Rehn said that it must be "clear and be based on the discussions with the country's political forces."

According to the Commissioner, it is of decisive importance that the Greek authorities announce decisive measures, to safeguard the achievement of the fiscal targets and the privatisations programme to begin without delay. When these measures are taken, Rehn added, the Eurogroup will examine possible next steps.
Referring to the visit to Greece by the troika's delegation, he said that it will not be completed this week, as had been initially scheduled, but in the next week. However, he expressed the conviction that the next tranche of the loan, amounting to 12 billion euros, will be disbursed.

Lastly, Rehn reiterated that the restructuring of the Greek debt is not on the negotiating table, but noted that a reshaping could be examined on the basis of the voluntary participation of private individuals, that will concern the prolongation of the repayment time of state bonds.