Contraband cigarettes were discovered on board a Togo-flagged freighter ship that ran aground in sandy shallows and developed a list off Thines beach in Katakolo on Tuesday, coast guard sources said on Wednesday.
The freighter "Shenyang I", with a six-member crew on board, developed a list on Tuesday afternoon very close to the shores of Thines, in western Ilia prefecture, and developed a list.

A search of the vessel revealed approximately 120 boxes of contraband cigarettes.

The ship's captain told the coast guard that the vessel had set sail from Montenegro without cargo, en route to Turkey.

The vessel was guarded throughout the night by the Coast Guard, and a preliminary investigation and questioning of the crew will be launched as soon as the freighter is detached and led to port.

Coast guard sources told ANA-MPA that the assistance of a tugboat had initially been requested, but the tug was unable to approach the freighter due to the risk of the tug running aground also.

The assistance of large fishing boats will possibly be sought to help detach the freighter, the sources added.