The Federation of Hellenic Enterprises (SEB) on Wednesday presented a package of proposals aimed at simplifying business environment in the country and noted that creation of a business-friendly environment was the necessary precondition to restarting the economy.

Lifting of hurdles in business activity is also a target included in the memorandum signed between Greece and the EC/ECB/IMF. In this framework, SEB conducted a survey on the measures needed to boost certain sectors of the economy (food/beverage, pharmaceuticals, building materials, mining) and market operations (electronic billing and intra-group transactions).

The proposals to reducing bureaucracy in the country included: simplifying of legislation, better coordination of agencies under a central supervisory agency, regular and objective inspections in markets and creating single electronic data bases for quantity and quality figures.

On a sector basis, the proposals included:

Food/Beverage: better organizing and coordinating inspections, creating a business register and developing an integrated crisis management system.

Pharmaceuticals: modernizing operations of EOF -the market’s watchdog- accelerating procedures to approving new pharmaceutical products and simplifying procedures of price setting.

Building/Construction: harmonizing Greek law with European rules.

Mining: Introducing a new framework on environmental protection, creating a one-stop-shop for environmental licensing.

Electronic invoicing: updating and completing the tax legislation on electronic invoices, offering tax and financial incentives.

Intragroup transactions: measures to lift red tape burden on intragroup transactions.