Defence Minister Evangelos Venizelos met on Wednesday with the president and managing director of Abu Dhabi Mar company Iskadar Saffa and the president of the Greek Shipyards SA (ENAE) board Boulos Hankas.
"The Hellenic state realises that for ENAE's survival, orders by the Greek Navy are not enough, but orders from the Navies of other countries must also be promoted definitely, given that for the next 15 years, the ENAE cannot undertake works of a commercial character, according to the European Commission's known decision for the implementation of which, of course, clarifications are required," the defence minister stressed.

The meeting was prompted by the latest developments at the Skaramangas Shipyards, following the denouncing by the German HDW company of the contract for the building of another two new 214 type submarines and the completion of the modernisation of the submarine "OKEANOS."

Saffa briefed Venizelos on the problems created in his relations with the German side while also reiterating the wish of the group of companies he represents to continue its entrepreunerial presence in ENAE and in Greece in general.