xDeputy Foreign Minister Spyros Kouvelis referred to prospects of widening Greek-Chinese relations and Greece's will to constitute a popular destination for Chinese citizens, during his meeting on Wednesday with an eight-member delegation of the All-China Journalists Association (ACIA) that is visiting Greece for the 14th consecutive year with the purpose of a mutual briefing on issues of bilateral interest, as well as a briefing on the role played by Greece in the repatriation of thousands of Chinese citizens from Libya.
Referring to his very recent visit to China, Kouvelis expressed enthusiasm over the possibilities of cooperation between Athens and Beijing, following the starting of the new Greece-China air link by the Air China airline company and the signing of a joint statement on providing facilities for the issuing of entry visas for Greek and Chinese citizens by the corresponding consular authorities of the two countries.

As the Greek deputy minister stressed, the aim of the Greek side from the signing of the above agreement is a decrease in the time for issuing a visa to Chinese citizens and in parallel a decrease in the number of supporting documents for its issuing as well.