Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras reiterated that his party will back measures that are good for the country, but will not support "mistaken policies that have failed in action and are leading the country to the deepest recession in recent decades".
In a statement to Eleftheros Typos daily newspaper appearing on Wednesday, and regarding a call by EU economic and monetary affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn for the political parties' consensus to the Memorandum measures in order for the EU to disburse the following tranches of the 110 billion euro EU-IMF bailout loan, Samaras also stressed that Greece has a government and an opposition, and that the country's parliamentary democracy remains strong.

"The Constitution, institutions and dignity mandate that we remind, in every direction, that a government exists, the opposition exists, and the parliamentary democracy remains strong in this land called Greece".

Even if, hypothetically speaking, ND counter-signed consensus in order for Greece to receive the 5th tranches of the loan, "can Mr. Olli Rehn sign for us that, with the same wrong policy the government is following, Greece will receive the 6th and 7th tranches of the loan?" Samaras asked.

As for the shortfalls and failures of the government's economic policy, Samaras stressed that "ND is not to blame, nor has a lack of consensus obstructed them (PASOK government) from governing".
Samaras further stressed that the detailed economic program recently unveiled by ND at Zappion sets out in a well-grounded way the framework for the Greek economy entering a track of recovery and fiscal streamlining.