The Greek government on Wednesday said it has selected advisors for an anxiously awaited privatisation programme for a bevy organisations and entities in which that Greek state holds rights or an equity stake, along with the state’s vast property holdings.
The decision was taken during an inter-ministerial meeting, part of now urgent efforts to speed-up the privatisations programme, the main ingredient of a Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy Framework for 2012-2015, currently under discussion with the EC-ECB-IMF "troika", which cites revenues worth a whopping 50 billion euros from various privatisations and property sales.

The government announced the selection of advisors for:

OPAP: expanding a contract with the state and examining the possibility of selling the state’s equity stake (Deutsche Bank AG London branch, National Bank of Greece).
State lottery: contribution of the state’s rights on state lotteries to a new company and exploiting the state’s participation in the new company (Credit Suisse and Eurobank EFG Equities).
Horse racing ODIE: examining the possibility of selling the state’s equity stake in ODIE (Emporiki Bank and Credit Agricole).
Hellenic Vehicle Industry (ELVO): examining the sale of the state’s equity stake (Societe Generale-Geniki Finance).
Hellenic Motorways: exploiting the state’s rights on existing and future road networks (Ernst & Young, Rothschild & Sons Ltd, Barclays Bank plc).

 “South Kavala” natural gas field: examining the sale of the state’s equity stake to a company along with the rights on the natural gas field (HSBC Bank Plc, EFG Eurobank Equities).
Frequency Bandwidth: exploiting the state’s rights on bandwidth (Analysis Mason Ltd, Aegis Systems Ltd).
Real Estate Property: exploiting the state’s rights on real estate assets by creating one or more enterprises (National Bank, Alpha Bank, Eurobank, Investment Bank, Emporiki Bank, Piraeus Bank, Hellenic Postbank, Attica Bank and ATEbank. National Bank will be the coordinator).
The government has already selected advisors for its ambitious privatization program which includes:
Helliniko: exploiting the state’s rights on the site of the former Athens international airport (Citigroup Global Markets Ltd, Piraeus Bank, Barcelona Strategical Urban Systems).
Four Airbus A340 aircraft (Lazard)
Hellenic Railways (PWC)
DEPA (UBS, Rothschild and Alpha Bank)
Hellenic Defense Systems (KMPG)
Saving and Loans Fund (Lazard)
Athens International Airport (BNP Paribas, National Bank)