The Athens Flower Show, featuring more than 600 varieties of ornamental plants and flowers that Athenians can admire or even buy, is to be held in Kotzia Square opposite the Athens Town Hall from May 20 until June 5.
The flower show is being organised jointly by the Athens municipality and the Attica Plant Nursery Association.
Athens Mayor George Kaminis said the municipality was seeking to raise environmental awareness via the flower show, using it to promote issues such as recycling and active participation in keeping the city clean.

To this end, the Flower Show will for the first time also include an Environment Week lasting from May 28 until June 5, with a series of events and recycling as its central theme. The municipality will also have a pavilion for the Urban Fauna Service to promote protection of stray animals, where members of the public will be able to adopt stray puppies. Another aim of the flower show is to promote use of local plant species and raising awareness and public participation in the planting of more greenery in Athens.