The head of Greece’s largest employers’ association on Thursday strongly criticised the domestic political world’s inability to rapidly promote necessary reforms, as he said, noting that the private sector in the country was already suffering massively from the crisis.
“We are not promoting necessary reforms for more than a year. Instead, we politically and ethically undermine the efforts of the citizens. This cannot continue. Political parties have not told the truth to the people. If we do not make it, we will starve. We have a final chance to get out of the dead-end if we want to avoid the responsibility of bankruptcy,” Dimitris Daskalo-poulos, president of the Federation of Hellenic Enterprises said on Thursday.
Speaking to reporters, Daskalopoulos said the private sector was already suffering from the crisis with thousands of business closures and 200,000 unemployed, while he stressed that the private sector cannot bear the burden of useless state agencies, organizations and political party relations.

Daskalopoulos stressed it was important to lift the uncertainty over a possible bankruptcy since the country has great prospects for growth and noted that the private sector must cut its relations of subsidies with the state. “It must cut this relation with the state and move out to international markets where it has the possibility of competing,” he noted.

He said the Federation will present a detailed survey on the Greek economy, offering a new growth and business model.