Some 62 percent of respondents to an opinion poll conducted on behalf of private SKAI television by Public Issue were opposed to the Memorandum. The poll, the results of which were presented Wednesday night on a SKAI television program, was conducted on the completion of one year since the signing of the Memorandum.

According to the results, 62 percent of the respondents were against the Memorandum, just 15 percent were in favor, and 19 percent said it had neither benefited nor harmed the economy, while 3 percent expressed no opinion.

Asked to evaluate the Memorandum, 62 percent of the respondents said it had harmed the economy, 13 percent said it had benefited the economy, 18 percent said it had neither harmed nor benefited the economy, and 1 percent said it had somewhat benefited or somewhat hurt the economy, while 5 percent took no position.

To a question on the necessity of the Memorandum, 69 percent of the respondents said the Memorandum was not the only solution, while 24 percent considered it the only option. The corresponding percentages from a similar opinion poll in April were 62 percent and 30 percent respectively.

Further, 33 percent of the respondents held the politicians responsible for the situation, 21 percent considered the Greek governments responsible, 13 percent held mismanagement to blame, another 13 percent put the blame on corruption, and 11 percent said that all the Greeks were to blame.

Finally, 64 percent of the respondents considered Greece's bankruptcy a possibility, while 32 percent said bankruptcy was not a possibility. The correspondent percentages from a similar poll in February 2010 were 38 percent and 59 percent respectively.