Foreign ministry spokesman Grigoris Delavekouras on Thursday was categorical in rejecting attempts aimed at disputing the sovereignty of any part of the Greek territory.
Responding to a question by a reporter as regards the issue raised by a Turkish politician concerning the Aegean islets of Agathonissi and Farmakonissi and the alleged reactions on behalf the Turkish foreign ministry, Delavekouras said “there is no vagueness in the sovereignty of even an inch of Greek territory as it was recently emphasised by the foreign minister.”      

“The reality is clear and nobody can dispute it. Greece will not tolerate and will not accept any contestation. There is no room for doubting the sovereignty of any part of the Greek territory,” he said.

Regarding the visit by a group of Turkish citizens to Agathonissi on Wednesday, Delavekouras said Greek authorities’ response was “immediate”, stressing that the Turkish citizens left the area after it was pointed out that having the necessary legal documents with them was imperative.

"It is self-evident that Turkey, being in an election campaign period, should display a measure of seriousness and responsibility," he said.