A public prosecutor on Friday slapped criminal charges of murder, robbery and acting as an accomplice in murder on two Afghan nationals arrested for the killing of 44-year-old Manolis Kantaris. The unlucky father-to-be was stabbed to death in the street for his video camera while preparing to drive his pregnant wife to a maternity hospital to give birth to their second child. A third man involved in the incident, also an Afghan national, is now being sought by police.
In addition to the three criminal charges, the two suspects face misdemeanour charges for carrying, using and illegal possession of weapons.
The incident, which also involved a third Afghan national in addition to the two suspects in custody, occurred on the corner of Ipirou and 3rd Septemvriou Streets in central Athens. Kantaris had left his house in the early hours of the morning in order to fetch the family car and was stabbed repeatedly as he left the building carrying his camera.
His lifeless body was discovered by his wife and mother-in-law when they came down to wait for him outside the building.

Two defendants in Kantaris killing case to be brought before investigator on Saturday

The two Afghan nationals accused of killing 44-year-old Manolis Kantaris in downtown Athens to steal a videocamera from him, will be brought before an investigator on Saturday.
The two defendants were brought before a prosecutor on Friday evening who filed the charges levelled against them. As to the killing, prosecution for willful homicide was launched, against one of the two, complicity in willful homicide, robbery from which death resulted and illegal carrying of weapons, use of weapons and possession of weapons.
It is possible that a time limit will be provided for them tomorrow to make their testimonies so that a translator can be found and appointed, since the two defendants appear to speak no other language than their mother tongue.