“The Acropolis Museum in Athens is not only about the Parthenon Marbles. This is an incorrect viewpoint that has led to numerous misperceptions and strange situations. It has even led to an unprecedented international delirium,” Aristotle University (AUTH) archaeology professor and Acropolis Museum president Dimitris Pantermalis on Friday underlined. Addressing a symposium at the Benaki Museum on “Museums ‘11: On the occasion of the Acropolis Museum: Ideology, Museology, Architecture”, professor Pantermalis stressed that the Parthenon Marbles are not tradable adding that he cannot understand how an international museum like the British Museum raises an ownership issue.
“There is no ownership. They are part of the world's cultural heritage,” he emphasized in response to a comment by the British Museum director who said in an interview that the museum is willing to “lend” the Parthenon Marbles to Greece.