The government is going ahead with the privatisations programme, initiating the sale of shares in listed companies and faster implementation of fiscal flows concerning public real estate, Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou stressed in Parliament on Friday. Replying to a question by the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), the minister noted that this was a complicated process but that time was running out and "everything has to be done now". He said the aim was to "jump-start the engine of the Greek economy, moving faster and more decisively".
"We have by far the largest public debt in the European Union, which is still sustainable but in the future may not be, unless there is the right handling. The right handling is to create primary surpluses and return to a growth orbit," he added.
The minister deflected KKE criticism of the privatisation plans, urging it to discriminate between public lands and state-owned private property.
The KKE MPs, on their part, called for a "different kind of economy, orienting toward satisfying people's needs and not the need of capital to make profit".

KKE on possible dismissals in public sector

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE), in an announcement on Friday on the possibility of dismissals in the public sector, stressed that "the main target of the troika-high-profile businessmen, with which both (ruling) PASOK and (main opposition party) New Democracy (ND) agree, is for stable employment in the public sector to be dealt an even greater blow so that the demolition of whatever labour right has remained in the private sector can be facilitated."