Six out of 10 respondents said an effort must be made for consensus between the two mainstream parties, according to an opinion poll carried out by the MARC company for the Sunday newspaper "Ethnos tis Kyriakis". More specifically, 62.8 percent agree and 32.2 percent disagree. Asked whether main opposition New Democracy party leader Antonis Samaras must consent with the government or insist on the political proposal he has made, 51.9 percent said that he must consent and 37.6 percent that he must insist on the proposal he presented at the Zappion Mansion.

Moreover, 35.7 percent of ND voters request consent from Samaras. However, 77.3 percent call on the government to adopt some of Samaras's proposals as against 14 percent who call on the government to insist on its programme.

Lastly, 74.1 percent of ruling PASOK party voters call on the government to adopt proposals by Samaras, while 71.6 percent do not want early elections in contrast to 26.2 percent who have a different view.

Opinion poll: PASOK-ND diffference at zero pct

Ruling PASOK's lead over main opposition New Democracy has diminished to zero percent, according to an MRB poll on behalf of RealNews newspaper, the results of which appeared in the newspaper's Sunday edition.
More specifically, both PASOK and ND amassed 21.5 percent each among respondents to the poll, followed by the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) with 8.1 percent, the Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) party with 6.0 percent, the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA parliamentary alliance) with 4.1 percent, and the non-parliamentary Ecologists-Greens with 3.2 percent.

Further, the non-parliamentary parties Democratic Left (DEMAR) and the Democratic Alliance (DHSY) were preferred by 2.3 percent and 2.0 percent of the respondents, respectively, while 3.9 percent of the respondents said they preferred a different party, and 26.1 percent were undecided.

To a question on voters' intention if elections were held now, PASOK and ND were preferred by respondents with 31.8 percent each, followed by the KKE with 9.5 percent, LAOS with 7.1 percent, SYRIZA with 4.8 percent and the Ecologists-Greens with 3.8 percent, while the rest of the parties did not amass the 3.0 percent required to gain a seat in the 300-member parliament.

According to the above result, no party would acquire a self-sufficient majority in the event of general elections.
As for which party they anticipated would win if elections took place now, PASOK led with 12.5 percentage points.

PASOK leader and current prime minister was also considered the most suitable for premier with a marginal lead of 0.2 percentage points over ND leader Antonis Samaras, with Papandreou preferred by 26.5 percent of the respondents against 26.3 percent for Samaras, while a noteworthy 45.2 percent of respondents said the preferred neither of the two mainstream party leaders.