Main opposition New Democracy party leader Antonis Samaras, speaking in an interview with the newspaper "Proto Thema", underlined his position that he will not vote for a second memorandum and not even for the medium-term programme.
"I will not vote for any commitment on a mistaken and deadlocked policy," he said on the possibility of voting for a possible second memorandum and stresses that "we have no objection to assuming commitments to decrease the deficit and control the debt. We do not disagree with the targets of fiscal restructuring but with the proved mistaken recipe that they imposed on us."

Samaras further said that he will not vote for the medium-term programme either "because it does not include recovery measures" and adds that "cutbacks without recovery cause worse recession, more padlocks and greater unemployment" and that "we want a decrease in extravagance combined with recovery."

ND cannot be coerced

Main opposition New Democracy (ND) charged that "scenarios of co-governance" are being spread by "those who fear a self-sufficient ND government and (ND leader Antonis) Samaras as a self-sufficient prime minister", in an interview by party press spokesman Yannis Michelakis appearing in the Sunday edition of RealNews daily.

He said that ND will go to elections, whenever they take place, with the target of self-sufficiency, so as to be able to implement, without delay, a policy that the people will have been fully informed of in advance.

Michelakis accused the government of putting forward "coercive dilemmas" and "elections dilemmas" such as the calls for passing of the Medium-Term Fiscal Adjustment program with an increased majority of 180 votes in the 300-member parliament.

He stressed that Samaras cannot be coerced, and warned that if the government even thinks of coercing ND, "it will realise that our party cannot be coerced", while he also charged that "the government is attempting to conceal its inefficiency" with the political consensus it is calling for.

The ND spokesman further warned that the government is planning even harsher and more painful measures, stressing that Samaras "will never say 'yes' to incorrect policy".