Seamen working on the NEL Lines' ships "Aqua Hercules" (formerly Ropax 1) and "Olympus" are to continue labour action, according to sources within a meeting of the Nationwide Seamen's Federation (PNO) executive committee on Monday.
PNO has also decided to send an solicitor's letter to the NEL Lines to demand that they hire more sailors on the crew of the two ships, in accordance with collective agreements and social insurance requirements.

Some 50 seamen remain at the port of Corinth and are preventing loading of the "Olympus".

Trade union sources say the sailors are also protesting against the maritime affairs ministry's decision to abolish a tariff paid to their sailors' pension fund NAT, on the grounds that their pension fund was thus losing large sums of money. They also say the ministry intends to abolish 10-month mandatory employment for sailors.

The maritime affairs ministry had tabled legislation in Parliament that abolishes charges for third parties on ferry tickets in order to make these cheaper. This included a fee insuring passengers and vehicles that was paid to NAT to cover risk of naval accidents, which amount to 6.5 percent of the ticket price without VAT.