Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce President Yiannos Grammatidis said Monday that "a substantive redetermination of the terms of the memorandum is necessary."
Grammatidis reiterated his position that today more than ever is the time for great decisions, not only for the government but for the country's political world in its entirety as well since, as he said, the opposition parties are being called on to promote the national instead of their narrow party interest ( because they are also judged, and maybe more strictly than the government) providing direct consensus to a government policy that will move in correct frameworks.

He added that "the continuing sterile political confrontation regarding the terms and the preconditions for providing consensus, combined with useless talk of elections intensify the climate of polular uncertainty and confusion and make the country's position towards its creditors, its partners and the markets more difficult."
Grammatidis stressed that the government must present an integrated plan of privatisations and completion of structural reforms with summary procedures and a specific and binding timetable so as to contribute to the strengthening of the economy's competitiveness.

Lastly, he said that the country's business world remains concerned but in parallel prepared to contribute dynamically to a substantive and developmental proposal for the country's salvation.