Investments in renewable energy sources have more than doubled in the past year and it is estimated that in 2011 investments that will take place will be in the region of 250 million euros, while in the depth of a decade, meaning until 2020, investments will reach 16 billion euros and, in addition, another 4-5 billion euros will be invested in transport and distribution networks.
This was mentioned from the podium of the monthly board of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry by Deputy Environment, Energy and Climatic Change Minister Yiannis Maniatis, stressing that great importance is placed on investments in networks since every year Greece spends about 500 million euros for the electric power supply of unlinked islands.

He reiterated that "there are serious indications that our country has investment utilisable deposits of oil and natural gas” and said that in the coming days an auction will be proclaimed for research in western Greece in land regions and the Ionian Sea as well as Crete, pointing out that it is the ministry’s substantiated assessment that there shall be international investing interest.