Police seized almost 224 grams of heroin and arrested two men in a major drug bust in Sparta on Tuesday.
Sparta security police, in a coordinated operation, arrested a 28-year-old Greek man after a minor quantity of heroin was found in his car, while a search of the detainee's house turned up used syringes with traces of heroin, a knife and a jackknife, all of which were confiscated.
During questioning, the man turned over to police the details of a 35-year-old Albanian national from whom he had purchased the heroin.

Police later arrested the Albanian outside his house in Kokkinorachi, Sparta, and a search of the house turned up a total of 223.9 grams of heroin in two packages, and 145 euros in cash, which were confiscated.
The two arrestees are due to appear later in the day before the Sparta prosecutor.