Jealousy was, according to police, the motive for the murder of a 29-year-old Greek a year ago on the 40th km of the Athens-Sounio highway near Koropi, northeastern Attica.
Police announced on Tuesday that they have solved the case, explaining that the assailant and his accomplices -- two young Albanian men and a 23-year-old Albanian woman -- had set up an ambush for the victim near Koropi. The suspect is a 26-year-old Albanian who had suspicions that his former girlfriend was in a relationship with the victim. The suspect, aided by the 23-year-old woman, created a fake profile on Facebook to lure the victim to a remote area. The woman persuaded the victim to meet her at the chosen spot, was shot several times by the suspect, resulting in his death.

Police spotted the 26 year-old Albanian on Sunday on Alimos beach. The suspect jumped into the see to escape when he spotted the policemen. The police officers followed him and finally arrested him.
The suspect will be led on Tuesday before a prosecutor