Federation of Hellenic Enterprises president Dimitris Daskalopoulos, addressing the Federation's general assembly session on Tuesday, proposed the holding of a referendum on the question of whether Greece is proceeding along the path imposed by the country's European perspective or is pulling out and proceeding alone.
"This is the deepest national challenge, because if we fail we will inevitably be placing ourselves outside the European orbit. A referendum will provide society in its entirety in the most direct way with the possibility of assuming its responsibilities. The people must be given the possibility to speak now. The situation is not only deadlocked, it is marginal for our very national existence," he said.

The Federation's president stressed that after a year in which the country experienced a painful course, the conviction is widespread that Greece is at the same point from where it started, a step away from the cliff.
"The sacrifices do not appear to have succeeded. The crisis remains without a visible exit. We are continuing to sink, while we are supposedly struggling to change," Daskalopoulos said, adding that "the silent majority is in complete confusion over today, in absolute uncertainty over tomorrow, unwilling or unable to contribute to whatever effort."