The Self-Employed Professionals Chamber of Athens, in an announcement on Wednesday, expressed strong protest over "the announcement of new tax measures that the government intends to impose, sinking the country's economy irreversibly."
The announcement said that the transfer of products and services to the high VAT rate, further increases in Special Consumption Taxes, the imposition of a Special Consumption Tax on bottled water and refreshments, the decrease-abolition of tax-free amounts, the imposition of special contributions and the working people's salary cutbacks, can only have disastrous consequences, since they demolish the purchasing power of millions of Greeks without determining a growth procedure.

It further noted that "over a year of the memorandum's imposition we see that the measures taken have led to a wrong direction," adding that what is necessary for the current deadlock to be overcome is a stable economic environment in which the necessary investments will be carried out that will lead to the economy's recovery.