Government spokesman Giorgos Petalotis on Wednesday stressed that there is no decision or thought to hold a referendum on a specific issue, adding that it is not a simple procedure. 
“The prime minister has said that referendums could be considered where broad-based consensus and agreements are necessary,” clarifying that neither the new measures nor last year’s memorandum are issues that call for a referendum.

He characterised the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) president referendum proposal as interesting pointing out, however, that the government has a specific position on the issue.

He underlined that Greece has no referendum background, adding that there is no question of snap elections.
Petalotis also expressed the government’s discontent stemming from the ongoing talk about new austerity measures.

He added that there will be no "horizontal cuts" in wages and pensions, stressing that the talk about an imminent “new taxation storm” is a form of terrorism targeting the public opinion that will have to be stopped. “We should wait for a while until the new measures are specified, particularly those concerning taxation,” he stressed.