Greek award-winning poet, critic and translator Yannis Varveris died on Wednesday night at the age of 56 from heart failure.
Varveris, who was born in Athens in 1955, studied law at the University of Athens and published a total of 11 poetry collections, as well as translations of foreign literature and Attic comedy.

He published his first collection of poems "En Fantasia kai Logo" (In Imagination and Word) in 1975.
In 1976 he also became a theater critic, and his theatrical reviews have been published in a series of six volumes.

His poems have been published in anthologies in translations into English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Romanian.

He was awarded the State Book Prize for Critique in 1996 for his book "Krisi Theatrou", the Cavafy Prize in 2001 for his poetry collection Poems 1975-1996, the literary journal Diavazo's poetry prize in 2002 for his poetry collection "Sta Xena" (Abroad), and the Poetry Award of the Academy of Athens' Petros Haris Foundation in 2010 for his entire poetic work.

Culture ministry on death of poet Varveris

The political leadership of the culture & tourism ministry on Thursday expressed its grief over the death of poet Yiannis Varveris.

"His contribution to the renewal of Greek poetry was decisive, the legacy that he is leaving for all of us is invaluable," a relevant announcement stated.