A 22-year-old Pakistani man was arrested in Vrahati, Corinth on Thursday and charged with abducting and keeping hostage two 23-year-old illegal immigrants from Pakistan with the aid of three accomplices.
The two hostages were lured to a hut by their captors, who promised to find them work, and then held at gunpoint while they called home to relatives in Pakistan and asked them to collect ransom money for their release.
The two 23-year-olds managed to escape at around dawn on Wednesday, were found by police and reported their captivity at the Vrahati police station. Based on their testimony, police arrested the 22-year-old Pakistani and are looking for his alleged accomplices.

During a search of the hut, police found a small quantity of hashish and a shotgun registered to a local Greek resident of the area, who was arrested for negligent storage of a firearm and then released.

The 22-year-old is due to appear before a public prosecutor and the two illegal migrants held hostage will be deported.