The head of the Federation of Hellenic Enterprises (SEV) Dimitris Daskalopoulos on Thursday repeated his proposal for a national referendum on the new round of austerity measures, taxes and privatisations proposed by the government to meet budgetary targets set by Greece's creditors.
"Let us not be afraid of the people. Let us trust in their judgement and sense of self-preservation," he said.
He insisted that a referendum on the measures was the healthiest political solution given that all the structural reforms "remained on paper", a national consensus between parties seemed impossible to achieve and new elections would simply repeat the impasse.

According to Daskalopoulos, his proposal had been misrepresented by those who took fright at the thought that the people might decide and take responsibility for their future.

He also noted that a discussion of the issues involved would oblige politicians and social agencies to talk about the real state of Greece's economy, the problems that had led to the current situation and explain the consequences of the country's course for everyone's lives.

A referendum could give the government the required political momentum to go through with essential reforms, SEV's president added.