The main opposition New Democracy (ND) party lashed out at the government accusing it of “employing extortionist dilemmas, in essence, admitting the failure of the policy it follows”.
Speaking at a scheduled press briefing on Thursday, ND spokesman Yiannis Mihelakis told reporters that recent statements made by the prime minister, the finance minister, the government spokesman and the Greek European Commissioner constitute an admission that the government policy has failed miserably. He also stressed that the government now blackmails the people to shoulder the burden of yet another painful package of economic measures.  

“They are being irresponsible when they threaten with bankruptcy and leaving the Eurozone,” he said, adding that the government is repeating the Nov. 2009 scenario when “they led the country to the memorandum under the threat of bankruptcy”.

Mihelakis stressed that ND rejects a consensus, underlining that it disagrees with the government’s core policy of tax increases.

Responding to the recent statements by the Dutch minister of finance on the necessity of a consensus, Mihelakis stressed that Greece has institutions, Constitution and dignity, calling on the government to respond to the statements made.     

The ND spokesman stressed that it is important that the nationwide citizen mobilizations launched on Wednesday will be left without “sponsors”, adding that “we are watching them with great interest”.