Main opposition New Democracy (ND) party leader Antonis Samaras reiterated on Thursday that his party will not be pressured into offering "consensus" over the government's policy to deal with the intense economic and fiscal crisis plaguing the country.
The former ND minister spoke a day ahead of a quickly scheduled meeting to be convened by the president of the republic with the prime minister and Parliament-represented political leaders.  

Samaras spoke at a party event on the occasion of Greece's accession to the European Economic Community (today's EU) in 1980.

Referring to this week's rapid-fire developments, he cited the high-profile proposals for a referendum, rumour-mongering of "no money after July" and even the Greek EU Commissioner's warning that some quarters are planning Greece's exit from the eurozone, "claims which are continuously denied", as he said.
"On our part, we, New Democracy, confirm that we completely agree with the targets concerning fiscal restructuring. We cannot, however, support the ways with which they were decided. We agree with the target; we do not support, however, the means."

Moreover, he reiterated his call for a renegotiating of the memorandum.