Attica security police on Friday announced they have solved the killing of a Pakistani, whose dismembered body was found in the Ano Liossia landfill and an apartment in the Athens district of Ambelokipi in January. Police said the perpetrators of the killing are three other Pakistani nationals aged 22, 26 and 34, for whom arrest warrants have been issued.

One of the three suspects, the 26-year-old, is already in police custody for a different case, the abduction of another Pakistani for ransom.

The crime was uncovered on January 4 when the head of the deceased Pakistani was found in the landfill, while the remaining parts of the dismembered body were found in an apartment in Ambelokipi to which the perpetrators had set fire in order to destroy the evidence.
Police said the three suspects had abducted their fellow Pakistani and held him hostage, seeking a ransom from the man's father in Pakistan.

The abductors, according to police, killed the hostage, however, because he knew their identities, then cut up the corpse in order to get rid of it.