A Deutsche Telekom delegation of high-ranking officials visited Athens ahead of developments in Hellenic Telecommunications Organization as the Greek government officially launched procedures to sell an additional 10 pct equity stake of Hellenic Telecom’s to the German group. The delegation was headed by Deutsche Telekom’s chief executive Rene Obermann. The German telecoms group, holds the annual meeting of its board and the supervisory board abroad, in a country where Deutsche Telekom has established activities. This year it was Greece’s turn, obviously in an effort by the company to give a message of the significance of its investment in Greece.

The German delegation arrived in Athens last Tuesday and left a day after, but the visit was not officially announced. Their presence in Athens was kept secret from the press and no one knows if the delegation had any high-level contact with government ministers. However, one day after their departure, the Finance ministry sent a letter to Deutsche Telekom announcing its intention to sell its equity stake in OTE.