Democratic Alliance party leader Dora Bakoyiannis, addressing her party's inaugural congress on Friday evening, claimed that "it is being confirmed that the petty partisan mentalities with which the generations of postjunta politicians were brought up are leading Greece to bankruptcy." Bakoyiannis said that "the political leaderships of the two formerly big parties have failed to rise to the occasion, have proved to be unwilling and incompetent at the same time to respond to the call of history" and requested that the minutes of the council of party leaders under the President of the Republic on Friday be publicised. "The Greek people are entitled to read them, to know who are they who at the time of the big crisis thought selfishly and functioned with yesterday's mentalities," she said.
The Democratic Alliance leader reminded that her party "was the first to speak in all tones of the need for national consensus."
"We did not speak of understanding and consensus with (Prime Minister George) Mr. Papandreou. The Papandreou government is finished. We requested understanding for Greece. Understanding on the basis of major reforms that are necessary. Understanding on the basis of what the parties cannot do by themselves," she clarified and then spoke of political and business interests in Greece that are investing in bankruptcy and the return to the drachma.