PM: Greece comes first

Greece comes first, prime minister George Papandreou said on Sunday, adding that he will do his duty in the face of the risk of Greece remaining years behind, during an address to local officials in Kalavryta.
"At this time, the country comes first. Not myself, nor PASOK, nor the political parties. In the face of the risk of Greece remaining years behind, I will do my duty. I do not care about petty-party politics and the political cost," Papandreou said.(ANA-MPA)

The premier said that from the outset he had sought cooperation so that the country would exit the crisis more quickly while, on last week's meeting of the political party leaders chaired by the President of the Republic, he said that "we converge on many things".

"Political will is needed to transcend the party interests, and this will be proven in action. We can be different, but not enemies," Papandreou said, urging that such a picture of seriousness on the part of the country would give a resounding reply to those who doubt Greece.(

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