Democratic Alliance party leader Dora Bakoyannis launched a scathing attack on all the Greek political parties and their leaders on Sunday, delivering the closing address at her party's Founding Congress.
Addressing the closing session of the three-day Congress, Bakoyannis said that Greece's destiny is not identified with destruction and back-tracking but, rather, identifying with that choice are all those who are trying to build their careers on the prospect of a broken-up country, and those who aspire to becoming 'penny' prime ministers.
She said that her party had been the first to speak of a national understanding. "Those of you who head the big, or formerly big, parties have a responsibility to all the Greeks in their entirety, and not only to your voters. You have a responsiblity to agree, to find the common points that will make Greece, not you, strong," Bakoyannis said.

Bakoyannis, an Independent MP after she was expelled from main opposition New Democracy (ND) after defying the party line and voting in favor of the Memorandum, called on her colleagues in parliament to take a public stand on the need for national understanding, reminding that, regardless of what party they were elected with, they have all taken an oath to put the Constitution and the people above all else.

She further reiterated her party's proposal for reducing the number of MPs from the present 300 to 200.
Immediately after her address, the voting began for the election of the 200 members of the new party's first Central Committee and for Bakoyannis' election to the presidency of the party.