Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) Parliamentary group leader Alexis Tsipras demanded an immediate resort to elections on Saturday, while addressing the Central Political Committee of his own Coalition of the Left, Movements and Ecology (SYN) party on Saturday.
The voices saying that Greece's debt was impossible to service were multiplying and the country was going through an extremely critical time, SYN's leader noted stressed, predicting that a renegotiation of Greece's debt was unavoidable.

Referring to the meeting of the political party leaders chaired by President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias on Friday, Tsipras strongly criticised what he called contradictory statements made before and afterward by Prime Minister George Papandreou and Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou regarding the release of the fifth tranche of loans to Greece.

After threatening that the non-release of the fifth tranche would lead Greece to an immediate default and a possible exit from the eurozone, shortly after Papaconstantinou had stated that there was no problem, Tsipras pointed out.
"It is therefore clear that the government's only strategy is to extort consensus to a plan to demolish society," he added.
He accused the government of collectively blaming the Greek people and Greek workers and claiming that Greek laziness, wages and pensions were responsible for the crisis.
"They imposed an unprecedented policy of social demolition and this is the result. The politics of recession and poverty, exacerbated to a frightening degree the problems that they were meant to solve," Tsipras stressed.
He criticised the prime minister for only now remembering to seek political consensus, pointing out that Papandreou had not felt the need to inform the political parties when he was secretly meeting with the IMF 18 months earlier.
SYN is the largest component party in the alliance of parties and movements within SYRIZA.