Coalition of the Left, Movements and Ecology (SYN) party leader Alexis Tsipras addressed the closing session of the party's Central Political Committee on Sunday.
In both his addresses on Saturday and Sunday, Tsipras accused the government of danger-mongering, lying and extorting the people, and charged that prime minister George Papandreou and finance minister George Papaconstantinou were saying different things during the meeting of political party leaders chaired by President Papoulias on Friday and different things afterwards.

On a proposal for setting up a government of technocrats, Tsipras said that it was not enough that the government has turned over the economy to the bankers, it was now preparing to turn over the people's mandate as well.

Tsipras called Papandreou a panic-stricken prime minister who cannot and does not want to straighten his back and negotiate, adding that the same holds true for the "pathetic Mr. Papaconstantinou".

Given that the country is going through a major political crisis due to the Memorandum policy, the SYN leader said that nothing can happen without the people's consensus, and the present government lacks that.

He called on the forces of the Left to seek those things that unite them, and stressed the need to create a new SYRIZA (SYN-led Coalition of the Radical Left parliamentary alliance) with its eyes turned to society for broader alliance and open to new movements, but also to PASOK voters.