The crisis that Europe has been going through in recent years indicates a dual deficit of responsibility and solidarity, main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras said in an article on the 30th anniversary of Greece's accession to the EU appearing in Kathimerini newspaper on Sunday.
It is a deficit of countries which, with a high deficit and unbearable debt, must manifest responsibility, and of countries with surpluses that need to remember that, if they believe in Europe, they have the obligation to manifest solidarity, Samaras wrote.

He said that a Union is broken up either by the complaints of the weak or the arrogance of the powerful, adding that, in the case of the EU, "there is the danger of both happening", and called on Europe to overcome the separation between North and South, which is an internal separation and not imposed from outside.
If Europe is saved, everyone will win, Samaras said, and warned that if it is further weakened this would chiefly hurt the "powerful of the North" because the "irresponsible of the South" have already been hurt.