The crisis the country is going through has proved that bold decisions are necessary that advance the political and economic unification of the EU, without which the European Union will be simply a market that is subject to the whims of the international speculators, prime minister George Papandreou said in an article on the 30th anniversary of Greece's accession to the EU appearing in Kathimerini newspaper on Sunday.
Greece will be a protagonist in that effort, he added.

The quandary today, he continued, is between nationalistic introversion or a deeper integration.
He said that the EU's lack of daring to proceed with the necessary institutional and political changes has created insecurity and introversion among a large section of the citizens in all the EU member states.

Regarding Greece, he opined that, in the framework of the then EEC, the country succeeded in building strong democratic institutions,  in benefiting developmentally and in reducing its social and economic inequalities with Europe but, despite all that, Greece's accession to the EU was not accompanied by the necessary institutional changes.

Many long-standing problems, such as the clientele state, have survived instead of being uprooted, he said, adding that many of those problems grew in an environment of prosperity in which painful changes are avoided.