Prime Minister George Papandreou on Saturday stressed that he was determined to continue to strive for a national consensus, in reply to questions after his meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper who is on an official visit to Greece.
Papandreou expressed hope that the other political powers in Greece will respond to this effort and show that all sides understood the critical nature of these times. He also sharply criticised those daily prophesying Greece's doom and dwelling on its problems, stressing that the country had already achieved many its targets though much remained to still be done.

He underlined his determination to continue with the fiscal stabilisation programme, saying that this was the answer to the doom-sayers, and his faith that Greece will soon weather the crisis and enter a sustainable and competitive course.

The Canadian prime minister, on his part, expressed conviction that Greeks would finally manage to solve their problems and succeed in emerging from the crisis with a thriving economy, benefiting the eurozone and the global economy.

He said the Greek premier had briefed him on the measures already taken and planned by the Greek government, expressing his admiration for the determination showed by Papandreou in implementing the programme for exiting the crisis.