Athens Police on Monday reported dismantling a criminal ring made up of foreign nationals that was engaged in abductions of other foreign nationals who were kept hostage and brutally tortured until their relatives paid ransom for their release.
A police raid in a downtown Athens apartment, used by the abductors to keep and torture their victims, led to the arrest of 14 foreign nationals, 10 Afghans and four Pakistanis aged between 16 and 31.

Police were acting on information from a foreign national who reported to authorities that the ring were holding his brother and asking for ransom to release him. 

Meanwhile, a 41-year-old Afghan was also arrested in downtown Athens on Saturday on charges of being an accessory in the abduction of an Afghan boy in Italy. The suspect is allegedly the leader of an illegal migrant trafficking ring that transported illegal migrants from Greece to Europe.

The 41-year-old had arranged the transportation of the minor from Greece to Italy for the sum of 3,800 euros but members of the ring in Italy held the boy hostage, asking for 10,000 euros to take him to his family in Switzerland.

The young boy was released following an international police cooperation that led to the Rome apartment used by the abductors.