Two murders that occurred within hours of each other on the morning of July 10 last year were both linked and the result of an argument between two Albanian nationals that evolved into a bloody vendetta, police announced on Monday.
The victims were a 24-year-old man shot in a car off Kifissos Avenue in Peristeri and the second a 40-year-old killed inside a kiosk on Aharnon Street.

Police that cracked the case said that the round of murders was sparked by an argument between a 26-year-old  and 27-year-old Albanian in a bar, who set a date to meet at the end of Aharnon Street to settle their differences. Both men then enlisted the aid of friends to help them in the dispute.

While the 26-year-old was on his way to the meeting with a 33-year-old accomplice, they spotted a car with three men inside that they knew were friends of the 27-year-old and opened fire on them, fatally injuring a 24-year-old man sitting next to the driver.

On learning of the attack and the death of his friend, the 27-year-old decided on reprisals and carried out an attack on a kiosk where the 26-year-old's uncle worked, killing the 40-year-old man with one shot.
The 27-year-old responsible for the second of the two murders has been in custody since October 2010 when he was arrested by Thessaloniki police based on an outstanding warrant for another homicide and attempted homicide committed with accomplices in December 2009.

Police are now seeking the two suspects wanted for the murder of the 24-year-old in Peristeri.