The problems are real, and Greece's bankruptcy has already begun, Communist Party of Greece (KKE) leader Aleka Papariga said on Monday, speaking on private television.
There was an issue regarding the bankruptcy that has not been resolved, she continued, namely the percentage of devaluation of the capital, what losses the corporate groups will suffer, how the losses will me divided, and how the losses they will suffer will be fewer and lost the shortest time until recovery comes, Papariga continued.
She said that what was going on today was not danger-mongering but blackmail, "the dangers exist".

Papariga outlined the reasons why she doesn't believe there is a risk of Greece returning to the drachma currency, noting that although her party is in general in favour of Greece's disengagement from the EU, a solution outside the euro and return to the drachma in the present circumstances would be catastrophic. Also, she saw no prospect of Greece voluntarily withdrawing from the eurozone or being kicked out of it.

"This could happen in the future, when the crisis is even deeper and the powerful decide to reduce the size of the eurozone and the EU in general. But right now, we believe, there will be a controlled bankruptcy of the eurozone," the KKE leader opined.