The main opposition New Democracy (ND) party on Monday tabled a proposed draft law on the establishment of a special committee that will undertake to crosscheck the “source of wealth” statements submitted in the period 1974-2010 by serving or former prime ministers, parliamentary group leaders, government ministers, alternate and deputy ministers. The committee will also undertake to crosscheck the “source of wealth” statements submitted by their spouses and underage children.
The committee will check their assets not only during their term in office but two years before they took office and two years after their term ended. In case of unjustified wealth they could face seizure of assets.

According to the ND proposal, the five-member committee will complete its task within a year and be made up of top ranking judges and prosecutors. It will have increased authority and the power to request information from any public or private sector authorities, agencies or organizations without the previous consent of the individual under investigation.