Thirty-three miners that were rescued after being trapped underground in a Chilean mine for more than two months last year, arrived with their families in Athens on Tuesday afternoon.
The miners are visiting Greece at the invitation of the Greek Mining Company (ELMIN), employees of which gave them a warm welcome at Athens airport.

"Faith in God was what kept me alive all those difficult days," said one of the miners on arrival.

 "I was praying continuously and what kept us alive was that we remained united, while with our faith we supported each other spiritually," said another, adding that "it is not worth one dealing with petty problems, while what one should appreciate is life itself."

The miners will visit the New Acropolis Museum on Wednesday following an invitation by Culture & Tourism Minister Pavlos Geroulanos.

After touring the museum they will attend a luncheon hosted in their honor.

The miners, whose ordeal captivated television audiences worldwide for 69 days, are visiting Athens with their families, accompanied by television crews of the three major TV channels in Chile.

The miners had remained trapped last August 700 metres underground at the San Jose mine in Chile.