British Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow expressed his support for the efforts Greece is making to overcome the economic crisis it is experiencing, while also referring to a real economic crisis that is affecting the EU, as well as to the necessity of changes in member-states so that "the partners will be protected from the upsets of the market."
Replying to relevant questions by Greek deputies, on the occasion of his address, at the joint meeting of all the permanent committees of the Greek Parliament, on the theme of "Greece and Britain: Old Democracies, New Challenges", Bercow stressed that his country, although not being in the eurozone, is a member of the EU and cannot be indifferent over the existing economic crisis.

"The economic crisis all over the world is real and for this reason there must be priorities. We feel the situation in which your country is, which we are also facing, maybe not to the same degree. For this reason there must be fiscal restructuring and at the same time we must protect the sensitive groups," he said.