President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias stressed, in his message on World Environment Day (June 5) that "our relation with the environment cannot only be a social or cultural issue which is handled circumstantially, it is primarily a political issue."
President Papoulias pointed out that it is necessary that the protection of the environment be mentioned continuously, defining the sectors where emphasis should be placed for it not to be destroyed.

"Now, more than ever, that climatic change is threatening the already delicate balances of the planet, the importance of the 'World Environment Day' must be mentioned every day," he stressed and called for sensitisation at national and international level so that it will not be too late.

World Environment Day event

A special bicycle ride will take place in Athens on Sunday, June 5, to mark World Environment Day.
The starting point of the cycling route will be at Eleftherias Park near the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron) and will terminate in the southern coastal district of Faliro.
The event, sponsored by two relevant ministries and the Athens Metro, will be launched by the National Cycling Team.