The reduction of cost through corporate social responsibility in all production stages, from the supply of raw materials to the final product distribution, was among the issues discussed in the 9th annual Corporate Social Responsibility conference held on Wednesday by the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee.
The conference on “Building Responsible Companies - Maximizing Benefits through a Sustainable Supply Chain” focused on the demanding relationships that all companies face in their supply chains and how improving supply chain interactions can lead to a more complementary, productive and sustainable business environment.

Addressing the conference, American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce President Yanos Gramatidis referred to the deep economic crisis the country is in underlining that “the circumstances can create an opportunity for the Greek entrepreneurship to prove that it is an integral part of society, a force of development and social prosperity.” He also added that the public sector, being the largest user and buyer in the supply chain, should focus on maximizing the corporate social responsibility benefits.