A strong police contingent was mobilised late Tuesday night to enable Greek MPs and parliament employees to leave the parliament building, which was blocked off by protestors of the Indignants movement in downtown Athens in their seventh day of peaceful protests.
The entrance to the parliament building was blocked for several hours by protestors who are converging in central Syntagma Square in growing numbers to demonstrate against harsh austerity measures.

Parliament president deplores Tuesday incidents outside Parliament

Parliament President Philippos Petsalnikos on Wednesday expressed concern about Tuesday's incidents outside Parliament and attempts made by demonstrators to blockade MPs, underlining the "dangers that such phenomena harbour for Democracy itself".

According to Petsalnikos, this wholesale lack of respect for institutions and persons undermined Parliamentary democracy, which was a guarantee "won by the struggles and sacrifices of the Greek people".
"History has shown that a generalised climate of rejection of Parliamentary Democracy, whenever this arose, had tragic consequences for the people," he added.